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  1. Kiran Rathi , Pooja Choudhry, Ankit Agarwal, Dr. S.K. Bhatnagar, Anil Verma (STA), Deepak Dhakad (TA), A Device For Soldering Electronic Components By Reflow Soldering Technique and the Process Thereof. Patent No.: 202011044614. Published and under examine from 23/10/2020.
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  3. Sharma, A. K. ; Upreti, Kamal ; Srivastava, Sanjay ; Vargis, Binu Kuriakose ; Singh, Jaspreet ; Choudhary, Pooja ; Kumar,Nishant; Jain, Praveen Kumar; Jain, Rituraj; Pandey, Bipin. Intelligent Robotic System to Automate Swab Test to Detect Covid-19 Disease. Patent No.: 2021100596, Published in Journal 30/1/2021.
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  5. Harshal Nigam, Dr. Monika Mathur,  Machine Learning Based Breast Cancer Detection by Neuro Fuzzy Logic , Patent No.: 202141018245

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