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REAP-2022 Reporting Instructions


 Sr. No.

Name of the Project/ Endowments, Chairs

Name of the Principal Investigator/Co-investigator

Department of Principal Investigator


A deep network model for cross-Linguai Plagiarism Detection for indian languages

Mukesh Kumar Gupta 

Computer Sceince & Engineering


Activity Monitoring and Unusual Activity Detection for Elederly Homes

Mukesh Kumar Gupta (Co-PI)

Computer Sceince & Engineering


Application of Metaheuristic for prediction of Secondary Structure of Proteins

Akash saxena 

Electrical Engineering


Design, Analysis and Implementation of Smart Voice Oriented Greekboat for handling social technical and general issues.

Ankit Kumar (Co-PI)

Computer Sceince & Engineering


Development of Intelligent Prediction Models for Accessing Air Quality at Different cities of Rajasthan

Shalini Shekhawat 

Basic Science & Humanities


Dual Band Implantable and Wearable Microstrip Antennas for Breast Cancer Detection Application

Monika Mathur 

Electronics & Communication


Electric powered fertilizer spreading machine

Chandan Kumar 

Mechanical Engineering


Modeling and Simulation of AIGaGaN HEMT based Nanobioseusor for Glucose Detection

Niketa Sharma 

Computer Sceince & Engineering


Home Automation Using PIR sensor

Akash Saxena 

Electrical Engineering


Student Project Net Zero Automatic Solar Panel Cleaning Robot

Ankit Vijayvargiya, 

Electrical Engineering


IEI Grant of R&D Project A low Cost highly Accurate 3D surround scanner

Vinita Agarwal, Smriti Jain

Electronics & Communication


IEI Grant of R&D Project: Bhartiya Intelligence Traffic System (BITS)

Ankit Vijayvargiya 

Electrical Engineering


IEI Grant of R&D Project: Smart Mobile Transportation

Ashish Nayyar

Mechanical Engineering


IoT-AI Based Smart Irrigation System in Agriculture Sector

PI: Pooja Choudhary

Co- PI: Ankit Agarwal

Electronics & Communication

15 Net Zero Automatic Solar panel Cleaning Robot Ankit Vijayvargiya  Electrical Engineering
16 Design a Controller for Mitigating, the Temperature Effect in PV array Bharat Modi Electrical Engineering
17 Design and Investigation of Nano-photonics structures based light trapping mechanisms for harvesting of solar energy

PI: Rukhsar Zafar

Co- PI: Praveen K. Jain

Electronics & Communication

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