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In addition to voluntary research, the research department considers sponsored research and industrial consultancy projects as an indispensable means for extending scientific research work at SKIT to the external world, for broadening the empirical experience of the faculty and student community and as a tool of its corporate social responsibility. The college management encourages all faculty members and students to undertake research and consultancy work as a mandatory measure to experiment with technological innovations. We, here at SKIT believe that live research and consultancy projects aid in contributing towards the enrichment of the professional experience and knowledge of the teachers and their students eventually metamorphosing them into better researchers. Research and consultancy projects provide a firsthand knowledge of the current problems of industry and the emerging areas of engineering field arena, thereby culminating in setting the disaster management curriculum to the national needs.


Wheelchair control by head motion using accelerometer sensor

Name of Project : Wheelchair control by head motion using accelerometer sensor
Year : 2015-16
Name of Guide : Mr. Ankit Vijayvargiya
Name of Student : 1. Neeraj Joshi
2. Vikas Pandar
3. Nikhil Chaturvedi
4. Juber Aalam
5. Aayesha Sayed
6. Sonam Sharma

The challenges faced by the paralyzed people are their independent mobility. They need an external help to perform their daily activities. The main objective of this project is to provide an automated system for disabled people. The wheel chair will work based on the head movement of the user. The recognized gestures are used to generate motion control commands to the controller so that it can control the motion of the wheel chair according to the user intention. The head movement is the gesture which can be performed by the quadriplegic patients whose body parts below the neck is paralyzed. So the head movement is possible for the patients. The wheelchair includes the accelerometer sensor which detects the movement of head and the controller will process the signal and transmit to the wheel chair for its navigation. The wheel chair is implemented in a cost effective way which reduces the complexity in the design. It is intended to be used as a human-friendly interface for elderly and disabled people to operate wheelchair using their head gestures rather than their hands. This autonomous navigation ensures safety, flexibility, mobility, obstacle avoidance and an intelligent interface for the users.


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