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REAP-2022 Reporting Instructions

Q 1: Do you provide hostel facility?

A 1: Yes. SKIT provides Air Cooled separate hostel boys and girls hostel facility. The names are :

  • Nirwana Boys Hostel
  • Noran Girls hostel

Q 2: How many boys and girls can be accommodated?

A 2: Nirwana Boys Hostel is having a seating capacity of 460 (Single Occupancy) and Noran Girls Hostel is having a seating capacity of 265 (Double and Triple sharing basis).


Q 2A: What about the cleanliness of my ward’s room?

A 2A: The cleanliness of room is the sole responsibility of the student. We expect that the student has to maintain the hygiene of the room and keep the belongings of the room in order.


Q 2B: What about the drinking water facility for my ward?

A 2B: We have put up RO plants/ machines in every nook and corner of the campus including hostels and mess & canteen to take utmost care of students’ drinking water hygiene.


Q 3: What is the fee structure?

A 3: It is ₹1,02,000/ per annum payable in 2 equal installments of  ₹51,000/ each. The cost includes morning breakfast, lunch, evening tea with snack and dinner.

The new hostellers will have to pay Rs. 5000/ security money, which is adjustable/ refundable at the time of final settlement.


Q 4: Is there any differential fee structure for girls’ hostel?

A 4: No. It is ₹1,02,000/ for both double and triple sharing accommodation.


Q 5: Do you permit quitting the hostel in between the academic session?

A 5: We do. But, there are certain terms and conditions.


Q 6: What is the basis/ criteria of availing hostel facility?

A 6: First come first serve basis.


Q 7: Do you have attached toilets in the hostel rooms?

A 7: No. We have a separate Bath block on each floor. In this block, we have Geysers (to be used during winter season), urinals, Indian and Western commode, bathrooms, and wash basins.


Q 8: What are the banned items in the hostel?

A 8: Liquor, tobacco products and non-vegetarian food are strictly prohibited in the hostel as well as institute premises as a policy of the institute. It is noteworthy that we do not permit the possession of electrical/ electronic items such as electric iron, heater, induction cooker, rice cooker, boiler etc. except for mobile phone, laptops and mini music system in the hostel rooms. If anyone is found guilty of keeping/ using the banned electric/ electronic items, an appropriate action as deemed fit is taken against the defaulter student.


Q 9: What do you provide in the hostel room to the student?

A 9: We provide a bed (normally 6*3), 1 chair, 1stone table (fixed in wall), 1fan, 1 Tube light, Air duct, Almirah.


Q 10: What are the things to be arranged by the student for his/ her stay in the hostel?

A 10: The hostel inmate has to arrange articles such as a mattress, pillow, bed sheet, blanket, mug, bucket and other essential items as deemed appropriate.


Q 11: Do you provide laundry facility?

A 11: Yes. We do. The students can avail this facility within the campus.


Q 12:  What about the security of our students who are in the hostel?

A 12:     Security Guard: The entire campus is highly secured, so are the hostels. Nobody can enter the hostel without permission as we have deputed 24*7 professional security guards to avoid any untoward incidence.  

Electronic Surveillance: The entire campus is under the surveillance of CCTV cameras round the clock.

Visit of Hostel: There are regular rounds of hostel warden in morning and evening sessions. The absentees are followed up and anyone found ill is taken to the hospital, if need be and special care is taken including his/ her meals.

Night attendance: There is Night attendance of all inmates, just before retiring to bed; we have a provision to take attendance of hostellers. Anybody, found missing in the hostel, is immediately brought to the attention of the parents over phone.


Q 13: Is there any timing for my ward to go out and report back?

A 13: Yes. The timings are different for both boys and girls. They are:

For Boys: up to 9:00 PM (from January - December)

For Girls (with Gate Pass): up to 7:00 PM (from March – October) and up to 5:30 PM (November – February)


Medical Facilities Related Questions

Q 14: What are the medical facilities offered by the institute?

A 14: a)  We have First Aid Medical Kit available in each hostel.

b)  We run OPD in the evening hours between Monday – Saturday and a medical practitioner is available to provide free of cost consultation to the hostellers. However, medicines are to be bought from the nearby chemist.

c)  We have a 24*7 facility in the campus to take the ailing patient to the hospital in the proximity of the college. However, all expenses are to be borne by the parents.

d)  In case of any medical emergency, the parents of the student are contacted immediately to come and take care of their wards.


Mess and Canteen Related Questions

Q 15: What is the mess and canteen related facilities for the hostellers?

A 15:  We provide mess and canteen facilities to the hostellers.  The detailed facilities are –

i)  Our mess and canteen provide only vegetarian delicacies.

ii)  The dining facilities for both boys and girls are separate.

iii)  Indian, Continental, South Indian, Chinese and Italian food are available in the canteen.

iv)  For sick students, we have a provision for serving Porridge (Dalia), Khichdi and Milk on demand.

v)  There are time different slots for students to have their Lunch and/ or Dinner.


Q 16: What do you serve in lunch and dinner to the hostellers?

A 16: Refer Menu. The menu is changed from time to time. Any suggestions for change in the menu are always welcome and to be routed through proper channel.


Q 17: Is there any dress code?

A 17: Yes. We do have. Both the boys and girls have to be present in the mess in proper dresses and observe mess etiquettes.


Library Related Questions

Q 18: Do you provide special access for library to the hostellers?

A 18: Yes. The library hours for hostellers are 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM between Monday to Saturday and 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Sunday.


Recreational Facilities Related Questions

Q 19: Do you have indoor and outdoor sports facilities?

A 19: Yes. We do have.

The indoor games available for students are Chess, Carom, Badminton and Table Tennis.

The outdoor games available for students are Cricket, Football, Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball etc.


Q 20: Do you have gymnasium for students?

A 20: Yes.

Both boys and girls hostels have separate gymnasium with basic equipments for exercise.

There is also an Open Gymnasium adjacent to Basketball Court where lots of equipments are available for exercise.


Q 21: Do you have a running track for students on the campus?

A 21: Yes. We have a running track for morning and evening walkers as well as joggers.


Wi–Fi Facility Related Questions

Q 22: Do you offer Wi – Fi facility to hostellers?

A 22: We provide Wi-Fi facility to the hostellers.


Q 23: Any other facility:

A 23: We provide Hindi & English Newspapers in the reception area to the hostellers.


Leave Rules/ Policy of Hostel

Q 24: What is the leave policy/ rules of the hostel?

A 24: The Leave Policy of our hostel is:

i)  The hosteller has to register mobile number of his/ her parents/ guardian in the official hostel mobile number.

ii)  The hostel warden will receive a request through SMS from the registered mobile number of the parent/ guardian to grant permission to the hosteler to leave the hostel for a specified period with reason on hostel’s mobile number.

iii)  Once the parental request is received, then the hosteler will fill up leave application form and submit the same to the hostel warden for his/ her approval.

iv)  Finally, Gate Pass will be issued to the hosteler to leave with his belongings.


Q 25: Do you have Television for the entertainment of student?

A 25: Yes. We do have with Tata Sky connection.  


Staying Arrangements of parents

Q 26: Can I stay with my ward during my visit to Jaipur?

A 26: No. Parents are not allowed to stay with their wards in the hostels.


Q 27: Then, where would I stay in Jaipur?

A 27: There is a facility for the stay of parents in the hostel with nominal charges of Rs. 1500/ for AC room and Rs. 1000/ for Non-AC room single occupancy. This includes the cost of all meals.  It is advisable to get the room booking done in advance and then visit to avoid any disappointment. Needless to mention, it is again on first come first serve basis.

However, in the vicinity of the campus, there are some decent reasonably priced hotels where parents can go and stay.


Hostel Staff Related Questions:

Q 28: Can you give me names of important hostel persons?

A 28: Yes.

Mr. Pradeep Sihag (Chief Hostel Warden): 9928350928

Mr. Babu Lal Gurjar (Boys Hostel warden): 9694097556

Mr. Hanuman Singh (Asst. Hostel Warden): 9414512702

Norah Girl's Hostel: 9785010089 

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