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REAP-2022 Reporting Instructions
  • Dr. L.K. Rex, Dr. V.S. Sethuraman, Mr. Akash Johari, Pankaj Gupta, Akshay K. Uday, Dr. D.S. Vijayan, D. Antony Prabhu, Dr. G. Vijayakumar, Dr. V. Manikandan, Dr. S. Sudhakar. Utilization of Burr Wastes as Micro-Reinforcements in Concrete to Overcome Disposal of Hazardous Materials in Global Environment. Patent No. : 202141006550 A
  • Dr. A. N. Swaminathen, Mr. Gaurav Purohit, Dr. D .S. Vijayan, Mr. Sachin Sharma, Dr. V.S. Sethuraman, Dr. L. K. Rex, Dr. R. Vidya, Mr. P. Dinesh Kumar, Mr. S. Ramesh, Mr. Akash Johari, Dr. P. Rajaram, Dr. S. Sudhakar. Durability Response Of High-Performance Concrete With Metakaolin And Rice Husk Ash. Patent No. 202041026847 A

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