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Indian Concrete Institute(ICI) is one of the leading professional bodies in India, catering to the professional needs of individuals and organizations involved in Concrete.

Objectives of ICI-Student Chapter:

  • Promote growth in concrete industry
  • Provide platform to students to participate in various activities
  • Practical exposure to students

Faculty Coordinator

Mr. Nishant Sachdeva

Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering

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Contact no. 7737049665


Student Coordinators

Rohit Khatri

B. Tech IV Year, CE

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Contact no. 6378173649


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Events Conducted:

  1. Visited "Coaching Hub" on 13-12-2021. Click here for more details
  2. “Concrete Cube Competition” was held on 08-12-2021. Click here for more details
  3. Expert Webinar on “Green Buildings” was held on 30-09-2021. Click here for more details
  4. Expert Webinar on “Construction Practices” was held on 25-09-2021. Click here for more details
  5. In-house Summer Internship was held from 01-09-2021 to 15-09-2021. Click here for more details
  6. A webinar on "White Cement Based Value Added Products" was held on 18-05-2021. Er. Pavan Y. Sethi Webinar
  7. A webinar on "Past Present and Future - PAVEMENT OPTIONS" was held on 05-05-2021. Er. Ashwin Moghe Webinar
  8. A webinar on "Common Complaints at Site and its Remedies" was held on 20-09-2020. Nuvoco Cement Webinar
  9. A Webinar on "Reinforcement in Structures" was held on 28-07-2020Webinar on Reinforcement
  10. A Webinar on "Understanding Cement Test Reports" was held on 13-07-2020. Webinar Report
  11. A Workshop on Revit Architucture was held on (9-10)-10-2020.  Revit Architecture
  12. An Orientation Programme of M.Tech. Students was held on 03-08-2019 .M.Tech Orientation
  13. An Expert Talk BY ER. Shivraj Dhaka on "Introduction to Green Buildings" was held on 08-08-2019. Er. Shivraj Dhaka
  14. Civil Engineering Quiz Competition was held on 17-09-2019 .Quiz Competition 
  15. An Expert Talk by Er. Sunil Goyal on "Non Destructive Testing" was held on 18-09-2019Er. Sunil Goyal
  16. A Visit to Stone Mart was held on 03-02-2019Stone Mart
  17. A Technical Session by J.K. Super Cement on "Manufacturing of Cement and Physical Tests Done on Cement" was held on 30-01-2019. JK Super Cement Session
  18. A Seminar on "Importance of Internship and way Ahead" was held on 15-02-2019Internship Report
  19. A Site Visit to Rajasthan International Centre was held on 03-04-2019. Site Visit Report


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