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  1. Dr. Shalini Puri, Dr. Meenakshi Nawal, Rohit Goyal, Dr. Sunita Gupta, Tushar Mehrotra, Amit Kumar, Alok Misra, Neha Verma,  "AUTOMATIC FRAUD DETECTION IN MOBILE MONEY TRANSACTIONS USING MACHINE LEARNING", Indian Patent Application Number-202111043019 A, 2021, Date of Filing-22/09/2021, Publication Date-15/10/2021.
  2. Dr. Meenakshi Nawal, Dr. Sunita Gupta, Tushar Mehrotra, Dr. Neha Janu, Dr. Neelam Chaploat, "INTELLIGENT STOCK TRADING USING MACHINE LEARNING AND AI BASED", Indian Patent Application Number-202111052905 A, 2021, Date of Filing-17/11/2021, Publication Date-17/12/2021.
  3. Dr. G. Rajeshkumar, Dr. S. Sadesh, Dr. S. Gokulraj, Dr.R.Venkatesan, Mrs. T. Priyadarsini, Dr.PankajDadheech, Dr. Hitesh Joshi, Mr. Rajesh Rajaan, Dr.Sanwta Ram Dogiwal, Mr.Sudhir Kumar, Dr. S. Sudhakar, “A Low-Cost 4G Smart Phone Detector and Jammer System GSM-900 MHz and 1800 MHz for Using Matlab Simulink” Patent Publication Number (Journal No.)-28/2020, Indian Patent Application Number-202041026105 A, 2020, Date of Filing-21/06/2020, Publication Date-10/07/2020.
  4. Mr. S. Magesh, Mr. K. Mahendran, Mrs. V. R. Niveditha, Dr. S. RadhaRammohan, Mrs. N. Jayashri, Mrs. K. Sudha, Dr. R. Vidya, Mr. S. Ramesh, Dr. P. Rajaram, Dr.PankajDadheech, Dr. S. R. Dogiwal, “Accuracy of Open-Air Temperature Prediction by Smart Weather Monitoring System for Effective Analytics Using IoT Devices”, Publication Number (Journal No.)-39/2020, Indian Patent Application Number-202041039505 A, 2020, Date of Filing- 12/09/2020, Publication Date-25/09/2020.
  5. Dr.P.VijayaVani, Ms.D.Tabhita, Dr.D.Krupa Daniel, Dr.R.Muthukkumar, Dr.J.Vellingiri, Dr.JagadeeshGopal, Dr.K.Arivuselvan, Dr.J.Kamalakannan, Dr.J.Gitanjali, Mr.VishwaPratap Singh, Dr.S.R.Dogiwal, Dr.PankajDadheech, “Open Source Internet of Tangible Things Based Smart Device for Children with Hearing Loss using Wi-Fi Communication”, Publication Number (Journal No.)-50/2020, Indian Patent Application Number-202041053003 A, 2020, Date of Filing- 05/12/2020, Publication Date-11/12/2020.

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