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SKIT has been ranked no. 1 in Engineering Program in Rajasthan consecutively for the 7th year (2017-18 to 2023-24) by RTU, Kota
College Code REAP: 1031, RMAP: 302
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REAP-2022 Reporting Instructions
  • Kawsalya Maharajan, A. V. Senthil Kumar, Ibrahiem M. M. El Emary, Priyanka Sharma, Rohaya Latip, Namita Mishra, Amit Dutta, L. Manjunatha Rao, Meenakshi Sharma, "Blockchain Methods and Data-Driven Decision Making With Autonomous Transportation", (Effective AI, Blockchain, and E-Governance Applications for Knowledge Discovery and Management), ISBN: 9781668491515
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