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REAP-2022 Reporting Instructions

Ongoing TEQIP Funded Project

S. No.

Project Title

Sanction No.

Faculty Member


Electric powered fertilizer spreading machine


Mr. Chandan Kumar


Hybrid solar dryer to dry agriculture produce


Mr. Sumit Jhalani


Ongoing M. Tech. Research Project

S. No.

Project Title





Optimization of Process Parameters in RUSM Using RSM Approach

Mr. Vikas Sharma

Dr. Dheeraj Joshi

Mr. Praveen Saraswat


Study on RUSM of CFRP composites: A Comparison  With Conventional Grinding

Mr. Varun Kumar

Dr. Dheeraj Joshi

Mr. Praveen Saraswat


Experimental investigation of process parameters in micro EDM machining

Mr. Ashok Nitharwal

Dr. Dheeraj Joshi

Mr. Praveen Saraswat


Mechanical characterization of FGM & Homogeneous Polymer Composites

Mr. Vishva Mohan Sharma

Dr. Manoj Kumar Sain

Mr. Praveen Saraswat


Role of oxygenated additives and injection pressures on performance and emission characteristics of CI engines

Ms. Meghna Mahar

Mr. Chandan Kumar


Effect of bio–additives and compression ratio on performance of diesel Engine

Ms. Priyanka Verma

Mr. Chandan Kumar


Experimental and Numerical study of artificial roughness on thermo-hydraulic performance of solar air heater

Mr. Suresh Choudhary

Mr. Chandan Kumar


Life cycle assessment of solar photovoltaic systems

Ms. Sumita

Mr. Ankit Agarwal


Productivity enhancement of Solar Dryer by heat storage materials

Mr. Rajendra Singh Chundawat

Mr. Ankit Agarwal


Experimental investigation of Performance of Bulk latent thermal energy storage system

Mr. Sanjay Choudhary

Mr. Dinesh Sharma


Experimental studies of packed bed latent thermal energy storage system

Mr. Shubham Sahu

Mr. Dinesh Sharma


Effect of EGR and water injection techniques on the performance and emissions of a VCR C.I. Engine fueled with ternary blends

Mr. Sachin Yadav

Dr. Ashish Nayyar

Mr. Naveen Kumar Sain



B. Tech. Project Funded by DST

The project entitled  "Smart Mobile Transportation" was funded by DST Government of Rajasthan


Selected B. Tech. Projects

Academic year: 2018-19
  • Design, Development & Testing of Fold-able Electric Bike
  • Design, Development & Testing of Automatic Wood Crusher with Conveyor Belt
  • Design and Fabrication of Stair Climbing Cart
  • Design and Fabrication of Paper Cutting and Rewinding Machine
  • Design, development and testing of robotic seed sowing machine
  • Design and Development of Hybrid Water Purifier
  • Development and Testing of Self Rechargeable Electric Bike
  • Design, Development & Testing of Electric Powered Fertilizer Spreading Machine
  • Design and Development of Automatic Brooming Machine
  • Design and Fabrication of Wheelchair cum Stretcher
  • Design, Fabrication and Testing of Hybrid Karakuri Weight Lifter & Transporation Machine
  • Design and Development of Automatic Irrigation System using Solar Power
  • Design and Development of Mobile Remote controlled Road Cleaning Machine
  • Development and Mechanical Assesment of Self Lubricating Grinding Wheel
  • Design and fabrication of Wheelchair convertible stretcher
  • Design and Development of Solar Operated Pesticide System
  • Design and Fabrication of Break Disc and Calliper for an ATV
  • Design and Fabrication of Prosthetic Finger
  • Design, Fabrication & Testing of Plastic Melting Densifier
  • Design, Manufacturing & Testing of CNC Machine for Angle Line
  • Design and manufacturing of 3D Scanner
  • Design and Fabrication of automatic grass cutter
  • Design, fabrication and Testing of Light Weight automatic transmission system for an ATV


Academic year: 2017-18

  • Waste paper recycling
  • Value stream mapping
  • Design, fabrication and testing of automatic board eraser
  • Manually Operated Floor Cleaner Cum Grass Cutter Machine
  • A study of occupational muscular disorder among Bamboo Artisans of Jaipur region with ergonomic design interventions of hand tools
  • Four Wheel Drive and Four Wheel Steering
  • Electromagnetic braking system
  • Alternative fuels for SI engines
  • Comparative study of cooling performance of Automobile radiator using nano-particles
  • Design and fabrication of wearable chair
  • Automatic electric arc welding machine
  • Pedal operated washing machine
  • Paddle operated spray machine
  • Fabrication of rolling machine
  • A study on improving productivity of an organisation using Six-Sigma approach

Academic year: 2016-17

  • Design, fabrication and testing of safety system for table saw wood cutter
  • Design and fabrication of smart street light system
  • Design, fabrication and testing of experimental setup and measurement of permeablity of the sand using Darcy's law
  • Design and fabrication water drainage trash cleaner
  • Design, fabrication and testing of steering controlled headlights
  • Design, fabrication and testing paddle operated washing machine
  • Design, fabrication and testing of modified stretcher
  • Design, fabrication and testing of field protection plan
  • Design, fabrication and testing of electric folding bicycle
  • Design, fabrication and testing of a prototype hover-bike
  • Design, fabrication and testing of automatic wall painting and cleaning machine
  • Design, fabrication and testing of refrigeration effect using LPG
  • Design, fabrication and testing of insta-cooling system in cars
  • Design, fabrication and working of fully automated solar grass cutter
  • Design & fabrication of sensor operated bench-vice
  • An experimental evaluation of mechanical properties of aluminium-silicon carbide composite material
  • Design & fabrication of vending machine
  • Design, fabrication & testing of agro multi seed sowing machine
  • Design & fabrication of box shifting mechanism
  • Steam power generation model
  • Electric folding bicycle


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