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S. No Name Of Faculty Name of Books & Chapters Year of publication
1 Dr. Akash Saxena Information Systems Design and Intelligent Applications (Springer)
Title of Chapter : Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing 434 “Application of Support Vector Machines for Fast and Accurate Contingency Ranking in Large Power System”
2 Dr. Akash Saxena Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing (Springer)
Title of Chapter : Supervised Learning Paradigm Based on Least Square Support Vector Machine for Contingency Ranking in a Large Power System
3 Bharat Modi Smart Grid Technologies 2015-16
4 Awdesh Sharma Economic Operation of Power System 2014-15
5 Bharat Modi EHV AC/DC 2014-15
6 Pooja Jain Transmission & Distribution System 2014-15
7 Pooja Jain Transmission & Distribution System 2013-14
8 Awdesh Sharma Power system Engineering 2013-14
9 Niharika Power System Analysis 2013-14
10 Pooja Jain Utilization of Electrical Power 2013-14
11 Sarfaraz Nawaz Transmission & Distribution System 2013-14
12 Bharat Modi Advanced distribution 2012-13
13 Sarfaraz Nawaz EHV AC/DC 2009-10

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