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Welcome to Science and technology club.

“It's still magic even if you know how it's done.”

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY CLUB (S & T CLUB) provide a platform to new pupil of different branch to learn and exhibits their talent in multi-discipline. The club organizes various activities and workshop under experienced trainers. The club also organizes a host of intra & Inter level competition during the session.


Objective: -

1. To provide an exposure to students by making them participate in conferences, seminars and workshops of National and International level.

2. Guide students about research and writing of research papers.

3. Providing information about research journals.

4. Motivate students to publish articles in The SKIT Research Journal as well as other journals.

5. Guide the Students for making Projects.

6. To organize various activities like Science Quiz, Puzzle Contest, Aptitude Test, Sudoku, Science Games etc.

7. To organize visit to various plants and industries, science parks etc.


Tentative list of events is going to be organized during session:

1. Introductory class

2. Series of workshop (C + Python language)

3. Astro hunt

4. Online Quiz competition

5. Online Coding competition

6. Workshop & seminar

7. Top coder

8. Brain mine

9. Filmatory

10. Hackathon


Faculty Coordinator  


 Dr. Sharda Soni 

Head of Department (Chemistry) 


 Mr. Vinay Singh Marwal

 Associate Professor (Mechanical Dept.)







Code of Ethics for Prevention of Malpractices and Plagiarism in Academics and Research


The Institute firmly believes in following ethics and honesty in every aspect of academic activities. Teaching and research are novel professions which necessitate stringent moral obligations. Therefore, certain measures are established for prevention of malpractices and plagiarism failing which would evoke disciplinary actions at various levels.

  1. Institutional subscription of plagiarism checking software : Institute has subscribed the plagiarism checking services of URKUND which is accessible via a weblink
  2. Mandatory Similarity Check : It is mandatory for each student to get a plagiarism check performed for submitting project report/dissertation/ research paper to the Institute or any other agency for ensuring the authenticity of the submitted document.
  3. Mandatory Similarity Check of conference paper submission: The similarity check is also performed on abstract and research papers submitted to the conference organized by the Institute to curb plagiarism. 
  4. Award of Incentive and certification: Faculty members are encouraged to publish their research finding in reputed research journals. 
  5. Academic Integrity Panel: An Institutional integrity panel is formed to address any complaint or allegation of malpractice against student/faculty member. 




All B.Tech./M.Tech./MBA students are required to submit their NAD (National Academic Depository) ID to college for updation of degree data as per the instructions received from RTU,Kota. Students are required to follow the steps provided below for successful registration at NAD portal:

  1. Student will be required to visit the UIDAI website :
  2. After entering the UIDAI ID and share code (a 4 digit code generated by user which will be used at a later stage) student will receive a security code on mobile number linked with his UIDAI ID. After entering the security code, one can download AADHAAR paper offline e-KYC. This file must be saved for use in next steps.
  3. Now open the link in your browser and click on Signup button on the right side and select student.
  4. Select option “Offline eKYC Aadhaar” and click option “I Agree” in the pop-up titled “OffLine-eKYC Process Description”.
  5. Upload the file downloaded in step-2 and enter the share code (4 digit code used in step-2).
  6. Enter the “mobile number”, “email ID” linked with AADHAAR and proceed.
  7. Enter the OTP received in your mobile and email ID to view your profile.
  8. Review your primary details, add name of parents, create the password and review the address before coming to final tab “other details”
  9. Enter the Academic  Institute’s name as “RAJASTHAN TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY”, course as “B.TECH.”, your admission year and “RTU Roll no.” and submit the form.
  10. On successful submission, student will receive the following message : "You have successfully registered using you AADHAAR/Virtual ID. Your NAD ID is …………………….. Now You Can Logon on NAD Using Your NAD ID/Email ID"
  11. Student will be required to submit this NAD ID by following the link “Submit NAD ID” displayed on their dashboard of ERP portal.
  12. Students passed out in the year 2019 are also required to generate the NAD ID and submit it through the form available at the weblink:
  13. For any clarification, students will be required to contact Examination Cell on mobile no. 8005861502.

Notice for Student registration for NAD ID

Help Manual for Student registration for NAD ID



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