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Beware of Fake News : Please do not believe in fake news regarding classes, exams, entrance tests, admissions, fee payment dates, approvals etc being spread through unofficial channels. Please refer to Announcements, Instructions, Circulars etc. posted on or on ERP Portal. SMS received from BR-SKITMG only are official. | SKIT has been Ranked No. 1 Institute in Rajasthan by Rajasthan Technical University (RTU), Kota thrice for academic sessions 2017-18, 2018-19 and 2019-20.  |  SKIT 900 kW Solar Power Plant (400 kW Roof Top and 500 kW Captive) generating 14 Lacs units per year, meeting entire consumption of SKIT

Physics Department of SKIT is enriched with experience and committed for overall quality enhancement of students. Faculty members motivate students to learn the complex concepts with the help of hands on experimentation. For that department have two well equipped and spacious laboratories.  Engineering Physics labs are broadly divided into two segments. One is the Dark Room for experiments related with optics and the second is General Lab for electronics and electrical experiments. There are more than twenty experiments with multiple apparatus in the lab so that each student can have an individual experiment set up. The lab is very spacious and designed in such a way that more than thirty five students can perform their experiments simultaneously. The experiments are designed in such a manner so that student can understand the concept and working principle of those. There is also a departmental library containing more than a hundred reference as well as text books

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