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Yuva Unstoppable is a fully volunteer run movement in 30 cities with over 60,000 volunteers who are helping 80 NGOs. We give youth an opportunity to volunteer for 2 hours/week and inspire them to do random acts of kindness. 

Yuva-ites make a difference at orphanage, blind children association, handicapped homes, government schools, NGOs, educational institutions, etc., via education, nutrition and healthcare. 

Apart from volunteering Yuva-ites also indulge in act of kindness such as: buy ice-cream for police on the cross-roads, do dishes for your servant one day in a week, impart I.T skills to the needy, organize food, clothing drives, tree plantation drives, free hugs to strangers, out extra money in the company vending machine, leave a thank you note for your boss anonymously.


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