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REAP-2022 Reporting Instructions

You cannot dig a well everyday and drink water. The need is to serve the permanent clients well. 

- Mr. Arun Goyal


There is a big difference in being adaptable and spineless. We must never compromise with our ethics.

- Mr. Gaurav Mundra


IT acts an enabler but it cannot replace the basic technologies.

- Mr. Sharad Kamra


Innovations are the need of the hour, not the replacements.

- Prof. M.L.Bhargava


To create one Einstein is much better than creating a pool of average students. It takes ones like Einstein to turn the wheel of time.

- Dr. S.L.Surana


Our Education system is one amongst the best in the world. Our implementation techniques have made a mess of it.

- Dr. S.L.Surana


Never worry about marks. They are just the by products. Learning should be the main motive.

- Mr. Sudhir Nijhawan


We are preaching too many things to others. Let us start doing the same for ourselves.

- Dr. Awdesh Kumar


A rat will remain a rat even if it wins the rat race.

- Mragank Jain


What is being shown at the prime time on Television doesn’t even reflect 2% of our general mass. It’s in fact an encroachment of our culture.

- Dr. Shiv Gautam

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