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Electrical M/C LAB

Electrical Machine Lab mainly involves the curricula of undergraduate programs. This lab provides the students with experimental verification of the theoretical concepts studied in the two separate courses namely Electrical Machinery I and Electrical machinery II. Major equipments include DC Motors, DC Generators, Synchronous Motors, Alternators, Transformers, Induction Motors and associated experiment setups.

Electrical Measurement (EM) Lab

Measurement lab enables the student to measure different electrical quantities and parameters such as voltages, currents, frequency, capacitance, inductance etc associated with single-phase and three-phase circuits. The measurements are carried out by using voltmeter, ammeter, bridges, transducers and potentiometers. In addition to measurement standardization the calibration of measuring instruments is also done in this lab. Electrical Machines Lab.

Power system (PS)Lab

This laboratory is equipped with most types of electromagnetic and static relays including state-of-art experiment setups for transformer, generator and motor protections. The laboratory is extremely useful for the final year students in getting an up to date knowledge of the working of the various types of protection schemes and associated operational characteristics of relays.

Power Electronics(PE)Lab

The major equipment include setups of most used Power Semiconductor Devices, Integrated Power Modules, Control Modules, DSP Trainer kits for working with IPM modules, DSP/ Micro-controller based Motor controller trainer kits for AC and DC Drives.

Basic Electrical Engineering lab

This lab is equipped with Cathode Ray Oscilloscope, function generator, Single phase and three phase transformers, AC and DC machines, Multimeters and consist basic demonstration of internal parts of ac and dc machines.

Microprocessor Lab

8085 Microprocessor kits (Kitek-5 nos), 8085 Microprocessor kits (Dynalog-2 nos)

Control system lab

Control system lab provides detailed learning of Transfer functions of different functions, Transient and frequency response of different functions, Bode plot of inverting and non inverting amplifier.

Electronics Device &Circuit (EDC) Lab

The lab is equipped with Bread Board,Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes, Power supply Units (5V, 0-15V, 0-30V), Multimeters.

Electric Derive & Their Control (EDTC) Lab

All modern instruments in the area of computer controlled drives, Modern technique control mechanism with hardware. System components like Dual converter module.

Electrical Circuit design lab

This lab provides learning of Soldering - Desoldering process and tools,  Bridge Rectifier Circuit and  Regulated Power Supply and validate on Bread Board or PCB.  Introduction to Sensors to measure real time quantities and their implementation in different processes.  Introduction to Sensors to measure real time quantities and their implementation in different processes. 

Computing Laboratory

The laboratory is equipped with latest computer facilities which include 40 terminals with latest computing device. The software available in the laboratory are:

  • MATLAB: Modelling, analysis and simulation for electric machines, drives, power system studies, etc.
  • PSPICE: For designing and analysis of electrical circuits.


Provides all the facilities to give practical awareness to entry level PG students. Sufficient and latest configuration (Pentium Dual Core Processor) computers with several advanced scientific, programming and simulation software, like Lenovo,HP(19 pc ),IBM server.

Project lab

Project board, soldering to understand the principles and working of various measurement techniques.

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