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Computer Science

Advance Programming Lab

Training students for system programming and high level languages. Latest systems available with INTEL i5 and i7 processors. CAT 6 structured cabling to provide high speed networking.

Internet Programming Lab

24 Hrs Internet Connectivity on 200 Mbps Leased Line to provide high speed internet experience . Latest infrastructure to provide training on internet technologies like JAVA, ASP, .NET.

Graphics Lab

Latest infrastructure to provide the traning on Computer Graphics and animations.

Linux Lab

Latest infrastructure with most recent version of Linux Operating System. Available for computer IT and electronics Students.

Software Engineering Lab

Lab is used to provide the training on Software engineering. Equipped with CASE tools. Also used for microprocessor programming.

Database Application Lab

Lab is used to provide the training on Application programming and N-Tier application programming. Equipped with latest software application tools and Database Servers.

IBM Academic Initiative Programme

The IBM Centre of Excellence Lab is designed under SKIT'S academic tie-up with IBM Academic Initiative Programme. It is a global programme that facilitates the collaboration between IBM and educators to teach students the skills required for catering to the ever increasing demands and challenges in the field of information technology so as to nurture the competitive spirit and keep pace with changes in the workplace. 

Reaping benefits from this academic initiative, students get unlimited access to full-version software, professionally developed courseware, tools, training, books, and discounts. IBM provides training resources like DB2, RAD, RFT and WID in order to gain knowledge about the latest IBM technologies and products offered free of cost under this programme.


The department holds academic training partnership with NOVELL which includes training cum certification programme in association with leading institutes. The SUN LAB as segment of NOVELL has been designed to provide an edge for students and professionals alike, with custom made programmes that help scale up their advanced administrative skills in SUSE Linux. The SUN LAB is equipped with the hardware from SUN Microsystem, OS Solaris and latest software and thus enables our students to explore various academic and industrial requirements.

M.Tech. Lab

Lab is used to provide the working interface on M.Tech. research work to Scholars.

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