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Welcome to Science and technology club.

“It's still magic even if you know how it's done.”

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY CLUB (S & T CLUB) provide a platform to new pupil of different branch to learn and exhibits their talent in multi-discipline. The club organizes various activities and workshop under experienced trainers. The club also organizes a host of intra & Inter level competition during the session.


Objective: -

1. To provide an exposure to students by making them participate in conferences, seminars and workshops of National and International level.

2. Guide students about research and writing of research papers.

3. Providing information about research journals.

4. Motivate students to publish articles in The SKIT Research Journal as well as other journals.

5. Guide the Students for making Projects.

6. To organize various activities like Science Quiz, Puzzle Contest, Aptitude Test, Sudoku, Science Games etc.

7. To organize visit to various plants and industries, science parks etc.


Tentative list of events is going to be organized during session:

1. Introductory class

2. Series of workshop (C + Python language)

3. Astro hunt

4. Online Quiz competition

5. Online Coding competition

6. Workshop & seminar

7. Top coder

8. Brain mine

9. Filmatory

10. Hackathon


Faculty Coordinator  


 Dr. Sharda Soni 

Head of Department (Chemistry) 


 Mr. Vinay Singh Marwal

 Associate Professor (Mechanical Dept.)


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