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Department has well developed laboratories suiable for under-graduate as well as post-graduate teaching and research in following areas:



Laboratory Name

Name of Equipment/Software


Mechanical Workshop
(i) Welding Shop
(ii) Fitting Shop
(iii) Carpentry Shop

Electric arc welding set-ups (2), Gas welding set-up, Drilling machine 12 mm, Bench grinder, Fitting tables (4) with 14 bench vices, Carpentry tables (3) with 12 carpentry vices, Carpentry tools, Welding table (1) with 4 welding vices


Production Engineering Lab
(i) Machine Shop
(ii) Foundry Shop
(iii) Welding Shop

Lathe machines 4.5 ft. bed length (3), lathe machines 6 ft. Bed length (5), all geared 6 ft. bed length lathe machines (4), shaper machines  (2), radial drilling machine 19 mm, bench grinder, capstan lathe, tool & cutter grinder, milling machines (2), cylindrical grinder attachment, permeability Tester, Moisture Meter, Sand Strength Tester, AFS Sieve Analysis Set-Up, Power Hacksaw, TIG Welding Setup, MIG Welding Setup, Spot Welding Machine, Electric Arc Welding Set-Up, Lathe Tool Dynamometer, drill tool dynamometer, milling tool dynamometer, metal cutting band-saw


Basic Mechanical Engineering Lab

Standard tools, working model of MPFI system, centrifugal pump cut-­sectional model, four stroke S.I engine demo model, two stroke C.I engine demo model, sewing machines (2), bicycle with gear, window air conditioner


Dynamics of Machines Lab

Models of inversion of four bar chain, single slider chain and double slider chain, models of ‘cam and follower’ arrangements, models of clutches and brakes, models of dynamometers, quick return motion mechanism (crank & slotted Lever), universal governor, gyroscope, trifilar suspension, planetary gear box, inclined plane friction apparatus, synchromesh gear box, constant mesh gear box, differential gear box, journal bearing oil pressure distribution apparatus


Fluid Mechanics Lab

V-Notch set-up, Bernoulli's experimental set-up, orifice and mouthpiece experimental set-up, pipe friction apparatus, metacentric height experimental set-up, pitot tube experimental set-up, flow rate measurement using orifice meter, nozzle meter and venturi meter (2 sets) , cut-sectional control board fitted with various types of fittings & valves, monoblock motor, PID controller


Material Science and Testing Lab

Universal testing machine (40t), torsion testing machine, spring testing machine, hardness testing machine, Izod & Charpy impact testing machine, fatigue testing machine, grinding machine, electric muffle furnace, polisher (dry & wet type), printouts of BIS codes and guidelines, microscopes (2), microscope lens (8), mini grinder


Thermal Engineering Lab

Single cylinder four stroke diesel engine test rig, single cylinder two stroke petrol engine test rig, 4-stroke 4-cylinder water cooled petrol engine test rig, 4-stroke 4-cyclinder variable speed diesel engine, computerised single cylinder 4-stroke vcr diesel engine test rig, computerised single cylinder 4-stroke vcr petrol engine test rig, 4-stroke 4-cylinder diesel engine (cut section model), 4-stroke 4- cylinder petrol engine (cut section model), single cylinder 2-stroke petrol engine (cut section model), reciprocating air compressor test rig, battery ignition system (with battery), Wankel engine model, models of boilers, mountings and accessories, automobile tool kit, scooters (2), nozzle tester, bomb calorimeter, exhaust four gas analyzer, smoke meter, viscometer, flash point & fire point apparatus, EGR for diesel engine, pyranometer, focusing type parabolic solar collector apparatus, luxmeter, infra red thermometer, sunshine recorder, gas mass flow meter (gmfm dn15-gfc147), AVL 5 gas analyzer (AVL DIGAS 444n)


Computer & CAD Lab-I

Computers (42) , LCD projector (1), Creo software (50 users), Mechanical solution set (42 user), ANSYS software (10 users), IES software (3 users), Mathcad (25 users), UPS (1), LISA software, Scilab software


Computer & CAD Lab-II

Computers (40), LCD projector (1), printer (1), scanner (1), UPS (2), Mechanical solution set (40 users), Cutviewer turn simulation software (15 users), Cutviewer mill simulation software (15 users)


Automobile Engineering Lab

Master valve refacer, power steering gear box (actual working model), Maruti car 800cc (old), cut-section model of lubrication system of diesel engine, working model of cooling system of I.C engine, various types of carburettors (set of 6), model of braking system, automobile tool kit (24-items)


Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Lab

Heat pump test rig, air conditioning test rig (one ton), Electrolux refrigeration test rig (vapour absorption system), various refrigeration cut section models, spray type evaporative cooler, refrigeration test rig, centrifugal fan (working model), axial flow fan model


Heat Transfer Lab

Thermal conductivity composite wall apparatus, thermal conductivity of slab guarded hot plate apparatus, Stefan Boltzman apparatus, natural convection apparatus, critical heat flux apparatus, thermal emissivity measurement apparatus, pin fin apparatus, thermal conductivity of insulating powder apparatus (glass wool), heat pipe demonstrator, drop-wise and film-wise condensation apparatus, forced convection apparatus


Fluid Machines Lab

Closed circuit Pelton wheel turbine test rig, closed circuit Francis turbine test rig, closed circuit Kaplan turbine test rig, closed circuit hydraulic ram test rig, closed circuit centrifugal pump test rig, 3-stage axial flow compressor test rig


Industrial Engineering Lab

Various charts and materials for performing studies


Metrology Lab

Microscope, slip gauge set, Vernier calipers, micrometers, Vernier height gauge, bevel protractor, sine bar, dial gauge, telescopic gauge, optical flat reflector, optical profile projector, plug gauge, ring gauge, snap gauge


CAM and Robotics Lab

CNC lathe machine, CNC milling machine, 5-axis robotic arm, IR-based object detection kit, IR-based distance measurement kit, ultrasonic object detection kit, ultrasonic distance measurement kit, Cutviewer software


Vibration Engineering Lab

Simple pendulum, compound pendulum , bifilar suspension , spring-mass system, single rotor system , double rotor system, trifilar suspension, whirling of shafts apparatus, forced vibration apparatus


Project lab

Student projects


Hydraulic and Pneumatic Lab

Hydraulic trainer, pneumatic trainer


Mechatronics Lab

Digital multimeter, function/signal generators, regulated D.C power supplies (constant voltage and constant current operations), measurement of temperature using thermocouple, thermistor and RTD, displacement measurement using LVDT, frequency to voltage converter & vice versa, measurement of position and velocity using encoder, speed measurement system through magnetic pick up, measurement of displacement through capacitive pick up, measurement of displacement through inductive pick up, load measurement system using load cell, displacement measurement using potentiometer, torque measurement system, strain measurement system, data acquisition system, digital multimeter trainer


e-Yantra Lab

Spark V robot, Fire Bird and adapter card, Zigbee modules adapter

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