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ASME Student Section

ASME is the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. It is a not-for-profit membership organization that enables collaboration, knowledge sharing, career enrichment, and skills development across all engineering disciplines. Founded in 1880 by a small group of leading industrialists, ASME has grown through the decades to include more than 130,000 members in 151 countries.

The ASME Student Section SKIT, Jaipur was established in December, 2009 to provide the students with the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of the technical world, showcase talent and network with professionals and other student members from all over the world. All the first year students (from any branch) are eligible to become its member without any membership fee. For more details about club and its activity click here.


Session: 2019-20

     1. Team Selection for HPVS2020, Held on 17-07-2019.

     2ASME Registration cum Planning Session, Held on 14-08-2019.

     3. Session on “Awareness to Mechanical CAD Softwares” Held on 28-08-2019.

     4. Workshop on “CFD Using Ansys Software”, Held on 11-09-2019.

     5. MAD4CAD Design Competition in PRAVAH2020, Held on 26-02-2020. 

Session: 2018-19

     1. Registration cum Planning Session, Held on 19-09-2018.

     2. Election for ASME Student Section Office Bearers 2018-19, Held on 26-09-2018.

     3. TECHNORION 2K18 Zonal TechFest IIT Bombay, Held on 30-09-2018.

     4. PPT on HPVC (Human Powered Vehicle Challenge) Competition Held on 03-10-2018.

     5. PPT on IAM3D (Innovative Additive Manufacturing by 3D Printing) Held on 10-10-2018.

     6. Brief about Competitions under ASME E-Fest Asia Pacific-2019 Held on 16-10-2018.

     7. Quiz Competition, Held on 03-04-2019.

Session: 2017-18     

     1. Old Guard-Oral Presentation on Sustainable Development, Held on 27-09-2017.

     2. TechnoRion – Zonals of TechFest, IIT Bombay, Held on 2-10 2017.

     3. Structural and CFD analysis using ANSYS, Held on 04-10-2017.

     4. Automation- 2018 Pravah2018, Held on            20-02-2018.

Session: 2016-17

     1. AUTOMATON 2017 (PRAVAH Event), Held on 15-17 Feb., 2017.

     2. TechnoRion – Zonals of TechFest, IIT Bombay Held on 02-Oct-17.

     3. Independence Day Quiz Competition, Held on 15-08-2016.

Session: 2015-16

     1. CAD & Solid Works Training, Held on 19-08-2015.

     2. Detailing of Solid models using CREO Software, Held on 5-11 February, 2016.


Renewable Energy Club

Renewable Energy Club incepted in 2007, in Swami Keshvanad Institute of Technology under the program initiative by Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation Limited, Jaipur and Ministery of Non-conventional Energy Resources. Club is helping the students to make them aware about various renewable energy resources and techniques with the help of a number of programs and quizzes – like celebrating Akshay Urza Diwas annually, Paper presentation and Poster making competition, debates, etc. For more details about club and its activity click here.


Session: 2019-20

     1. Poster Competition Under pre conference events of ICONRER 2019, Held on 07-11-2019.

     2. Quiz Competition on topic Renewable Energy Held on 09-10-2019. 

Session: 2018-19

     1. Poster Exhibition, Held on 13-02-2019.

     2. Workshop Influx of Renewable Energy, Held on 10-04-2019. 

Session: 2017-18

     1. Motivational Lecture on Renewable energy By Dr. N.K.Bhantiya, Held on 13-09-2017.

     2. PPT Presentation Competition On Waste Management, Held on 07-02-2018.

Session: 2016-17

     1. Intra –College competition of Paper Presentation on “Renewable Energy Resources”, Held on 5th October 2016.

Session: 2015-16

     1. Poster making competition on energy and environmental saving aspects, Held on 15th April 2015.

     2. Power point presentation on energy and environmental saving aspects, Held on 7th September 2016


Robotics Club

For more details about club and its activity click here.

Session: 2019-20

Session: 2018-19

     1. TechnoRion Workshop, Held on 9th September 2018.

     2. Automaton’19, Held on 27-28 February 2019.

     3. Workshop on Hacking, Held on 27-Mar-19.

     4. Schorlarship Apitiude Test (IMS Learning), Held on 13-Mar-19.

     5. Arduino Spoken Tutorial, Held on 12-Feb-19.

     6. TechnoRion – Zonals of TechFest, IIT Bombay, Held on 30-Sep-18 

Session: 2017-18

     1. TechnoRion – Zonals of TechFest, IIT Bombay, Held on 02-Oct-17.

     2. Classes on basic electronics, AVR microcontroller (Arduino UNO), Held Throughout the session.

     3. Automation- 2018, Pravah, Held on 20-Feb-18. 

Session: 2016-17

     1. TechnoRion – Zonals of TechFest, IIT Bombay, Held on 04-Oct-16.

     2. Robo-Race, Pravah, Held on 15-17.Feb.2017.

     3. Block Warrior, Pravah, Held on 15-17.Feb.2017 

Session: 2015-16

     1. TCHNOVOLTZ IIT BOMBAY, Held on 04-Oct-15.

     2. Classes on basic electronics, AVR microcontroller (Arduino UNO), Held Throughout the session.

     3. Robo-race and Line follower, Held on 24th Aug 2015.  

SAE-India Collegiate Club

SAE India is an affiliate society of SAE International, registered as an Indian non profit engineering and scientific society dedicated to the advancement of mobility community in India. SAE India organizes international meetings and exhibitions each year that cover all aspects of technology related to design, manufacture, and total life cycle technology for the automotive, aerospace, off-highway, truck and bus, fuels and lubricants, and other related mobility industries. These events bring engineers and technical experts from around the world together to share information and network.

The club was started in 2015 with a vision of focusses on mobility engineering. Team Xcelerators runs under this Club, which designs and fabricate an all-terrain vehicle and participate in various student design, competitions held across India, namely BAJA SAEINDIA, ESI, and ATVC. For more details about club and its activity click here.


Session: 2019-20

     1. ESI 2019, Held on Mar-19.

     2. BAJA 2019, Held on Jan-19.

     3. ZIGYASA EVENT, GIT COLLEGE, Held on Mar-19.

 Session: 2018-19

     1. Virtual SAEINDIA BAJA 2019, Chitkara university, Chandigarh, Held on 12-07-2018

     2. Moto Dangal Season-3, Held on 22-07-2018

     3. Introduction of SAE INDIA SKIT Collegiate Club Sessions, Held on 22-08-2018

     4. IIT Mumbai Techfest Zonal held at SKIT Jaipur, Held on 30-09-2018

     5. JIGYASAA 2018, Held on 15-10-2018

     6. BAJA SAEINDIA 2019 (23rd-27th January 2019), Held on23-01-2019

     7. Participated in Enduro Student India 2019 (14th-19th February 2019), Held on 14-02-2019

 Session: 2017-18

     1. Jigyasa-2017, Held on March 2018

     2. ESI-2018, Held on Feb-18

     3. BAJA-2018, Held on Jan-18

     4. IKC-2018, Held on Feb-18

     5. SAE-NIS Convention-2018, Held on Sep-17

 Session: 2016-17

     1. Participation of Team Xcelerators in Motorsports Events, Held on Dec-16.

     2. Moto-Dangal-2017, Held on Feb-17.

     3. BAJA 2017, Held on Jan-17.

     4. IKC 2017, Held on Feb-17.

 Session: 2015-16

     1. “BAJA SAEINDIA 2016”, Held on 17th -23rd February,2016

     2. International GoKart Championship, Held on March,2016

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