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Electronic Instrumentation Workshop

The laboratory focuses on Identification and testing of different elecronic components. This lab deals with design and fabrication of PCB for different electronic circuits.

Electronic Device Lab

Digital Electronics Lab

The laboratory has digital trainer kits, 8/16 bit micro controller, Universal programmer for EPROM/EEPROM are available.

Measurement & Instrumentation Lab

The laboratory has various transducer kits for temperature, strain, displacement and angular velocity measurement. It also has various bridges for capacitance, inductance and frequency measurement.

Electronic Engineering Design Lab

Microwave Engineering Lab

It focuses on both the theoretical and experimental aspects of antennae; electromagnetic theory; electromagnetic wave scattering; active & passive microwave and millimeter wave circuits; microwave wireless communications; wavelet technology and micro-strip antennae.

Communication Lab


It focuses on both the theoretical and experimental aspects of communications. In this lab, the process of modulation is understood. How signals are sent over long distances. It consists of CROs, AM Kit, FM kit, sampling and holding kit, PAM, PPM, PWM experiments. The process of transmission and reception of signals through satellite are also understood.

Signal Processing Lab

In the software component, students carry out a number of computer experiments written in MAT-LAB, illustrating some of the fundamental concepts and applications of digital signal processing, such as quantization and sampling, block processing by convolution, real-time filtering on a sample-by-sample basis, signal enhancement and noise reduction filters, direct, canonical, and cascade realizations of digital filters, spectral analysis by the DFT and FFT, and the design of FIR and IIR digital filters.

Microprocessor Lab

It focuses both the theoretical and experimental aspects of micropocessor.Iin this lab we understand the assembly language programming. It also includes interfacing of different cards like 8255,8253, 8257,8259 ,stepper motor card etc.

Rf Simulation Lab

Industrial Electronic Lab

Wireless communication Lab

This lab allows students to use all levels of the overall system design, including hardware, communication link design, wireless networking, distributed sensing, communication, and control, and cross-layer design. In addition, synergies between the hardware, link, and network designs must be exploited in order to meet the demanding performance requirements of these future systems.

VLSI & Optical Fibre Lab

VLSI design lab has been set up in the department to give full exposure of their technique to the students. VLSI design helps in miniaturization and hence increases equipment density, increases system reliability, improves function performance along with reduction in power consumption.

R&D lab

Project Lab allows students to use basic hardware facilities, various electronic & mechanical tools and measuring instruments, required during their project completion work. Technical guidance is provided by project in charge and well trained lab professionals. This lab is extended to carry out R & D projects in signal processing, Embedded systems and other microprocessor based systems.

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