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ECE Clubs

OSA @ SKIT (OSA Student Chapter)

OSA supports an extensive global network of more than 370 Student Chapters. These chapters, managed for  and by students. The SKIT OSA student chapter was inaugurated by Prof. V Sinha, Retired professor IIT Kanpur in the “Faculty development program on Advances in optical communication” on 11th February 2019. Prof Ghanshyam Singh, ( Professor MNIT Jaipur) also grace the event. The members of OSA student chapter are enlightened with the basics of optical communication and its recent advances in the related field. 

IE Student Chapter

The Institution of Engineers is the world's largest professional society in Engineering and Technology world. This society gives platform to students and faculty members to use rich collection of IEI library network, to attend seminar and workshop conducted by IE in India. IE also give opportunity to participate in technical events and to publish research work. EC department of SKIT runs IE student forum under which several technical events, workshops and meetings are organized.


Embedded System Club

Our ECE department has started embedded club . Main focus behind this club is to improve industry student interface as industrial persons provide platform to students by conducting classes weekly thus directly interacting with them. It encourages students towards latest embedded projects in electronics field.

IETE Student Forum

The department of EC is well connected with international professional societies like IETE, IEI. The forum encourages student participation and aims at providing a well-planned and sophisticated platform for extracurricular activities in electronic designs etc. It facilitates the exchange of information and ideas on these subjects with the members of IETE.

ISTE Student Chapter

The Indian Society for Technical Education is a national, professional, non-profit making society registered under the society’s registration act of 1860. Our ECE department has started ISTE student chapter in session 2007-2008. Its major objective is to assist and contribute in the production and development of top quality professional engineers and technicians needed by the industries and other organizations. Its activities are to plan and organize technical programs, special lectures, workshops, seminars, exhibitions to benefit the students. It encourages team spirit and self reliance among student members.

Calendar for ‘Electronics  Technical Club Activities


     Date     Name of The Activity Club
9 Sept-21 Journey from Campus to RAS IE
24-Dec-20 Hands on experience on ATmega16 and Arduino Embedded System
12-Jun-21 Webinar on Entrepreneurship and leadership IETE
7-Jun-21 Webinar on Relevance of Interships in career growth IE
4-Jun-21 Webinar on Importance of Electronics and Communication Engineering in Societal Development-2.0  (Mr. Prashant Vashiht. EA, AIR-Ahmedabad) OSA
16-Dec-20 Orientation session for new registered students Embedded System
19-Sep-20 Webinar  on PHASED ArrayAntenna IETE, ISTE
19-Sep-20 Webinar on Importance of Electronics and Communication Engineering in Societal Development- (Mr. Chandan EA, AIR, Chennai)  OSA
12-Sep-20 Webinar on Optical Fiber and Fiber based components IETE
5-Sep-20 Webinar on Artificial Intelligence for Self-Driving Car IETE, ISTE
2-Sep-20 Webinar on Blockchain Applications for Health care ; State of the art & Future directions (Dr. Heena Rathore) IETE/OSA/ISTE/IE
29-Aug-20 The progression of Quantum Optical Technology  (Dr. Yaseera Ismail). OSA
25-Jul-20 Industry – Institute cum Alumni Interaction  OSA
16-May-20 Celebration of International Day of Light OSA
2-Oct-19   Training on PCB Designing OSA/ IE
26-Sep-19  Expert Lecture of Mr. Akhilesh   Chandra, Director (Executive     Program & Career Services) on   “Expectation of Corporate Sector    from Fresh Engineers” IE
19-Sep-19  PPT presentation on the”   Project @Student Leadership     Program, Washington OSA
11-Sep-19  Guest lecture of prof.   Alessandro from brazil on the   topic on  “Principle of Bio   Photonics” OSA
22-Aug-18  Introduction to Line follower Robot    and Firebird Embedded System 
8-Aug-18  Broadband Technology IETE
26-Jul-18   Rajasthan Digifest- Bikaner Embedded System 
18-Jul-18  Hand-on practice on Arduino Uno IETE
2-Jul-18  Expert lecture on Nano Technology    ISTE
21-Apr-18 Advances in Electronics Circuits and Systems IETE
23-Feb-18  Protect Expo    ISTE
22-Feb-18  Digitronics    ISTE
21-Feb-18  Drone , Smart Switch, Energy     meter     Embedded System 
21-Feb-18  Innovative minds    ISTE
19-Jan-18  Robotic Competition     Embedded System 
15-Jan-18  Special lecture on advancement in   Robotics     Embedded System 
12-Oct-17  Robo-on-Line(1st Prize)     Embedded System 
16-Aug-17 MATLAB Image Processing Class : Hands-on-Workshop IETE
1-Aug-17   MATLAB –Hands-on workshop    ISTE
24-Jul-17  Microcontrollers     Embedded System 
11-Jul-17 Introduction to Embedded Systems and their  applications     Embedded System 
17-Feb-17  Digitronics    ISTE
9-Feb-17 IETE technically sponsored the Tutorials and National Conference on "Advancements in Nano-Electronics and Communication Technologies (ANCT-2K17) IETE
3-Jan-17 Task Based Training on RaspberryPi IETE
1-Oct-16  Project Demonstrated Drone,   Smart switch , Energy Meter     Embedded System 
20-Sep-16 Internet of Things     Embedded System 
23-Aug-16  MATLAB Image Processing Class :  Hands-on-Workshop IETE
10-Aug-16 MATLAB Course: Hands-on-Workshop    ISTE
27-Jul-16  Introduction to     microcontrollers     Embedded System 
20-Jul-16  Introduction to Embedded   System     Embedded System 
4-Mar-16  Mr. & Ms. Electronics    ISTE
2-Mar-16 Advancement in Nano Electronics and Communication Technologies    ISTE




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