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About the programme

The Pattern recognition is the scientific discipline in the field of computer science whose goal is the classification of objects into a number of categories or classes. These objects can be signal waveforms (one - dimensional signals), images (two -or three-dimensional signals), abstract data or any type of measurements that need to be classified. The objects are referred using the generic term patterns. Pattern recognition techniques are an important component of machine intelligence systems and are used for data preprocessing, feature extraction, as well as decision making or classification. Pattern recognition techniques overlap with areas such as: signal processing, artificial intelligence, neural modelling, optimization/estimation theory, and others.

Pattern recognition applications include: Image analysis, machine and computer vision, optical character recognition, computer - aided diagnosis, speech recognition and understanding, biometric based identification (face, iris, fingerprint, speaker and gait recognition, etc.), seismic and radar signal analysis.

Programme Objectives

  • To understand the concept of Image Processing, Machine Learning & Deep Learning.
  • To provide an exposure of recent advancements in Image Processing and Pattern Recognition.
  • To provide hands-on-experience of best practices for Pattern Recognition.

The List of topics to be covered:

  • Conceptual understanding of Image Processing.
  • Image Processing and Patten Recognition.
  • Research Scope in Image Processing.
  • Artificial neural networks (ANNs), Three-multi-layer perceptron, Error-back propagation learning algorithm.
  • Feature Selection: Independent Component Analysis (ICA), MDF (PCA+ LDA)
  • Convolutional Neural network for Image Processing
  • Case Studies: Character recognition using Feed Forward Back Propagation Networks.

Resource Persons:

Prof. Sloobodan Ribaric
University of Zagreb,
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Croatia.
Dr. Neeta Nain
Department of Computer Science & Engineering,
Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur, India
Dr. Yogesh Kumar Meena
Department of Computer Science & Engineering,
Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur, India.

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