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The faculty members are research oriented and have presented their papers in several national and international seminars, conferences. The research papers have also been published in peer reviewed international journals. Three faculty members hold a Ph. D. Degree and one is pursuing research. Major research interests include Victorian Drama, Canadian Literature, Modern Indian Drama and Indian Political Novel. The department also promotes research activities amongst students in the form of presentations   on various topics of their choice.


  Dr. Nidhi Sharma


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    Dr. Lalit Gehlot


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Dr. Neha Purohit


Language Games: A Pedagogical Approach towards Gaining Communicative Competence for the weaker L2 Learners, International Journal of English Language, Literature and Humanities (IJELLH), ISSN 2321-7065, an indexed, refreed and peer-reviewed journal, Volume II, Issue IX, January 2015.


Undoing Gender: Mahesh Dattani’s The Girl who Touched the Stars, The Criterion


Dr. Anupriya Singh


A Transnational Postcolonial Study: Dalits of India and Natives of Canada, IJSELL


Abstruseness of Belongingness in Jhumpa Lahiri’s Namesake, IJR


Dr. Shikha Agrawal


Loneliness and Nostalgia as two recurring themes in Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Lowland, Contemporary Discourse, A Peer Reviewed International Journal , ISSN 0976-3686, 2014


Dr. Krishna Dayal Sharma


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Ms. Geetika Patni


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Feminist Rebellions: Lessing, Munro and Lahiri in the quest of Self Identity,International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, ISSN: 2005-4238, September-2019 (Scopus)



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