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SKIT is Ranked No. 1 Institute in Rajasthan by Rajasthan Technical University (RTU), Kota  |  SKIT 900 kW Solar Power Plant (400 kW Roof Top and 500 kW Captive) generating 14 Lacs units per year, meeting entire consumption of the SKIT. Thereby, Campus is NET ZERO POWER. Saving 1000 tones of CO2 Emission and 20 thousand trees per Year | A Govt. of India Initiative : Students Seeking Education Loan/Scholarship, visit www.vidyalakshmi.co.in

TechInnova - a technical society of CS&IT departments, in its broadest sense encompasses all aspects of computing technology. techInnova, as an academic discipline, focuses on meeting the needs of users within an organizational and societal context through the selection, creation, application, integration and administration of computing technologies. techInnova is an academic discipline distinct from computer engineering, Information technology, computer science and management information systems. techInnova hosts various technical events like software engineering and development, computer networking and communications, Web technologies, computer security, database management, and digital media technologies related events. Under the flagship of techInnova we have launched Industry Initiatives to provide more and more Industry oriented engineering education with Major software companies like IBM, Infosys etc.

The key objectives of the techInnova's Industry Initiatives are:

  • Develop strategic linkages with Industry
  • Promote high quality education - By providing state-of-the-art support from software development companies
  • Focus on Open standards technologies, which are very critical for the future of IT industry
  • Increase/enhance emerging technologies for students in getting exposure to the latest technologies and develop student resource for the application and use of these technologies
  • Help in the development of highly skilled computer professionals.

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