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College Code REAP: 031,   CMAT: 302
Helpline: +91 141 5160400
SKIT is Ranked No. 1 Institute in Rajasthan by Rajasthan Technical University (RTU), Kota  |  SKIT 900 kW Solar Power Plant (400 kW Roof Top and 500 kW Captive) generating 14 Lacs units per year, meeting entire consumption of the SKIT. Thereby, Campus is NET ZERO POWER. Saving 1000 tones of CO2 Emission and 20 thousand trees per Year | A Govt. of India Initiative : Students Seeking Education Loan/Scholarship, visit www.vidyalakshmi.co.in

Major project developed / undertaken by the students

  1. Bank security system using MATLAB.
  2. MCU based system for fire brigade operation.
  3. Wireless set top box adaptor for T.V Receiver.
  4. MCU based data acquisition & green house control system.
  5. Simulation of interrupt controller.
  6. MCU based system to fill up crude into a trolly
  7. Minimization of dispersion effect and propagation loss in photonic crystal using optiwave software.
  8. Simulation of parallel peripheral interface.
  9. Moving robot for restaurant.
  10. Design & simulation of microchip antenna.
  11. Study of dispersion and minimization in single mode fibre using optifibre 2.0 package.
  12. Design and implementation of multipliers and comparison of their characteristics based on FIR filter. VHDL shall be used for simulation.
  13. Offline  UPS.
  14. MCU based system for lifting construction method.

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