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Dear Friends,


A voluntary blood donation camp is to be organized in our campus on Saturday, 08/10/2016

We would like to appeal all those who are fit and between the ages of 18 and 65 years to come forward as voluntary blood donors and help save many more lives. Please register yourselves for donating the blood on the link given below:




Why should you donate Blood? Read on to learn.



Some Incentives given by the SKIT,

1.      Gift will be given to all candidates

2.      Certificates of donation

3.      Refreshments will be given to candidates before and after blood donation.

4.      Marks in extra-curricular activities for the students



Voluntary blood donation is undoubtedly, the highest form of humanitarian service, as it is done without expectation of even knowing who it will help. There is a higher altruistic thought that motivates such action. 


The need for blood is constantly increasing the world over. Against an annual demand of 12 million units, India is able to collect only 9 million units of which 70% is from voluntary blood donors while the remaining 30% is from family/replacement donors. 




1.  The popular misconception that a person becomes weak by donating blood is wrong.



1.      Donating blood improves overall cardiovascular health as blood donated regularly helps males in particular to reduce the amount of iron in the blood which can reduce the chance of heart attacks.

2.       Blood donation enhances the production of new blood cells as new cells are produced by the marrowwithin 48 hours of donation.

3.      Blood donation has also been seen to lower risk of cancer including liver, lung, colon, stomach and throat cancers.

4.      Blood donation has other obvious benefits like receiving a free prior health screening plus mini blood test. Blood is also tested for some major diseases and the donor is immediately informed in strict confidentiality if any of these tests show positive results.  

5.     blood donor by his donation saves many lives and gives hope to many whose situation may otherwise be hopeless. Blood donors give such patients a second lease of life. The entire community will benefit from the spirit of generosity.


We hope that the above mentioned facts will clear any doubts that one may have about donating blood. 

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