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1. Symposium on "Chemistry and Environment" in the International Year of Chemistry 2011(23 December 23,2011) in association with Eco Friends Club,SKIT.



1.DST Sponsored National Conference on New Dimensions in Green Technology for Sustainable Development (21-22 February 2014)

2.DST Sposored National Conference on Sustainable Engineering Applications of Material Science and Physico – Chemical Innovations (NCSEAM - 2016),26-27 Feb 2016.

3. CSIR&DST Sponsored National Conference On Newer Avenues in the Field of Chemical Science (NACS - 2020),14-15 Feb 2020.


Faculty Development Program

1.RTU (ATU) TEQIP-III Sponsored FDP on Aatmnirbhar Bharat: Encouraging Enterprise in Rural Communities and Remote Regions , 04-06 August, 2020.

2. TEQIP-III Sponsored FDP On  Manufacturing and Recyclization of Engineering Materials-Cement, Glass and Ceramics(Self-reliant  India) (MRCGC2020)  10-14 August, 2020.



1. Five day Workshop   on   “Incorporating Universal Human Values in Education” 25-30 November, 2020.

2. RTU (ATU) TEQIP-III Sponsored Students’ Workshop (Remedial Classes) On Engineering Chemistry 18-22 January, 2021.

3.Student’s Workshop on Volumetric Analysis and Quality Determination of Lubricants and coal,06 March 2021 

4. RTU (ATU) TEQIP-III Sponsored Students’Workshop on Students Excellence and Learning Program(SEPL),22-27 January 2021.



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