Welcome to National Conference on "Sustainable Engineering Applications of Material Science and Physico - Chemical Innovations" (NCSEAM-2016).


The discipline of materials science and engineering links scientific research with applied engineering to design materials for specialized uses. Material Science offers tremendous opportunities to improve product performance, human health and welfare, and environmental protection.A wide range of industries such as medical devices, health care, energy and nanotechnology are actively involved in this field. Many improvements to our quality of life are based upon these novel materials.Their exposure, toxicity and assessment data will be needed for successful deployment.
This is when India is pacing ahead towards achieving greater avenues in the comprehensive development of our nation, and thus, the role of Science and Technology becomes an integral part of the process.
This Conference will offer a peek at the horizon of these emerging innovations and attempt to identify potential possibilities regarding sustainable applications of Material Science that must be addressed as we move into the future.


The Themes of the present conference have been considerably kept broad to encourage the positive and wide discussion on the subject. Potential topics to be addressed in this conference include:
  • 1) Nanomaterials
  • 2) Clean Energy Materials
  • 3) Conducting materials
  • 4) Polymers
  • 5) Resins
  • 6) Cementing Materials
  • 7) Glass
  • 8) Refractory Materials
  • 9) Corrosion and its prevention
  • 10) Lubricants
  • 11) Metals n alloys
  • 12) Water treatment
  • 13) Desalination
  • 14) Chemical & toxic waste management
  • 15) Sustainable agricultural and integrated pest management
  • 16) Materials for environmental problems solution
  • Note:- Any other related topic is also welcomed.