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The 1st International Conference ICETCE 2018 is being organised by CS&IT department of Swami Keshvanand Institute Of Technology Management & Gramothan, on the topic "EMERGING TECHNOLOGY IN COMPUTER ENGINEERING". Special guest invited for the event were Mr. Ripudaman  Mogan (Managing Director, Natural group), Prof. Dr. Arun K. Somani (Associate Dean for Research ,USA) , Mr. Lawrence Mohanraj (G.M., IBM), Mr. Shailender Sharma (Additional Commissioner, Income Tax Department), Mr. Shiv Prakash Ojha (Science Technology Architect Infosys), Mr. Ram Ramakrishnan (Vice President Research Strategy,  NUA , Singapore) who address the student about the topic like "Project Development, Cloud Computing , Artificial Intelligent".


Mr. Lawrence and Dr Ojha put the emphasis on re-invention through innovation rather than new invention which can be achieved if student act on what they learned in previous held workshops with full presence of mind. In addition to that Prof. Dr. Arun K. Somani also said "We Need to Learn How To Learn". He stressed the need of creating the technology by generating solutions, refining the solutions and turning them into the optimal solution. Mr. Ripudaman enlighten the fact that earlier, public factor needs to be pushed by people to create new product and technology but now the public sector came ahead itself for new product development . Mr. Ram Ramakrishnan told that India is legging behind in industrial evolution but doing great job in IT evolution. In addition to that Prof. Dr. K Subramanian (chair, IEEE), Dr. A. Murali M. Rao (Past chair, IEEE, CS), Dr. Sumit Shrivastav (Associate Prof CCE, Manipal University) also took technical session on the topic like Network Security, Data  Mining, Machine Learning. Dr. S.K. Calla (Director, D&W), Mr. Surjaram Meel (Chairman), Mr. Jaipal Meel (Director), Dr. Ramesh Pachar (Principal) also present at the moment.


The technical Session started with the plenary talk with Prof. (Dr.) Arun K Somani on simple problems and complex solutions in Networking and Computing. He started with concepts of fault tolerant machines and the necessity of hot stand by systems. According to him fault tolerant system must have hot standbys to protect the system from getting into bugs. The standbys takes over from main system automatically during the bug or fault without disturbing the continuity. These systems proved to be very useful for deep under water research. He also discussed about Optical networking which was badly required for oceans under water research. Going for optical networking was necessitated due to the requirement of large bandwidth, resource constraints, the advent of optical fiber for communication came from this requirement and now popularly being used for all communication systems. He concluded with "Always think differently and try to get solutions, you will get better solutions".


Prof. Seeram Ramakrishna (Vice President, Research Strategy, NSU, Singapore), also talk during his plenary speech on IOT applications and Big data analysis. He said that IOT is used in big way in Textile industries since it requires highly accurate auto control systems during the running of operations. He also talked about use of solar energy. He said the country like Germany is heavily taking advantages of solar energy since it can be produced at any place even in rural areas in big way. He concluded with the remarks that future is of technology so students should work with passion for technology.


During his technical talk on Cyber security Prof. (Dr.) K Suramanian touched upon the cognitive science and networking transferring and the negotiation power and the data security during data transfer over various networked systems. Auditing is a known method of data assurance and proper functioning in secured manner. This provides the assurance for the proposals and conduct. He defined the types of assurances towards management, technology, networking and financial matters. He said that all the ID cards are secured and cannot be fiddle with hackers since the bio-metric data’s are not available to all the users whether it is banks or any govt. dept. or police etc. These cards provide only the authentications of the ID. Now with virtual cards the 99% of the information are secured. Obviously none of the technology can be assured of 100% security. He gave details about mobile securities.


Prof. (Dr.) A. Murli M Rao also emphasized the security in Aadhar has been provided to such an extent that no biomedical and other security information could be passed to any common person or any VVIP , during his technical talk on Data mining, data warehousing & knowledge discovery. He defined various concepts on data security during mining and storing data. He said warehousing the big data and then their analysis’s a big work now since data structures are becoming not only complex but also increasing in enormous amount. He defined various users who can take an advantage of data unless they are secured such as cyber criminals, hackers, insiders etc. Hence cyber security has become a must. He talked about the places where the data can be hacked such as at the network, during the propagation of data within the network, at mobile app stores, during card skimming, docile media etc and explained certain solutions for stopping such attackers but still this area has a great scope of research. He concluded with saying that "controlled & conscious digital access & usage will help is reducing the cyber crime".


Some more PhD. and M.Tech. Scholars viz Mr. Tomer, Ms. Nishavisha, Tariq Ahamad, Vaishali Sharma, Karan Chauhan also presented their papers.

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